Olaus Laurentii
Family Society

  Olaus Laurentii Family society was established 1954 on the initiative by the late postman and genealogist Eric Sundlöf. It blev decided that the society should consist of descendants to the vicar and rural dean in Gagnef (W), Olaus Laurentii (1543-1607). A number of consulted persons proved interested and an executive committee, including Sundlöf, the merchant Oscar W. Montelius and the well-known genealogist Oscar Hanspers, was elected.
   The committee decided to invite to a first family gathering to take place the 9:th of juli 1955. The result of the invitation blev better than expected and nearly 100 relatives attended.
   The annual meeting is nowadays hold in Gagnef on the fist Sunday after the midsummer holiday and is opened by attending the services in the Gagnef church. It has been a custom for many years that the former chairman of the society, Stig Eklund, has preached at theses services. After the church, the members comes together in a suitable locality for the annual meeting deliberations, entertainment and perhaps a discourse.
  The society is not a pure genealogical alliance, but many members are eagerly occupied finding their family relation

If you want to contact the Family Society, the board is here:

Precident: Birgitta Eriksson 0241-10629 Birgitta
Vice Precident: Göte Liss 0240-14822 Göte
Secretary: (vakant)
Kassör: Gunnel Malm 0241-62062 Gunnel
Contact: Maj Kämpe 0241-10318 Maj
Contact: Hans Hellström 08-511 717 14
070-76 24 003
Contact: Roger Matsson 0241-10173 Roger

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