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Olaus Laurentii

   Olaus Laurentii (1543-1607) was the vicar in Gagnef, the province of Dalarnas län, from about 1572 until his death, and may be considered the most known of the early inhabitants of the parish. He is known by most genealogists focused on this parish, as the ancestor of many, still existing, family branches in Gagnef.
    The following text is a free translation (the original is in old Swedish) from "Olaus Laurentii Slätbok I" by Eric Sundlöf, who was the initiator of the Olaus Laurentii Family Society:


   The best answer to that question is found in Teol. Dr. Gunnar Ekström, " Västerås Stifts Herdaminne 1949" ("the 1949 pastor's memorial of the Västerås diocese") :
   Master Olof seems to have come from "the southernmost farm" in Borlänge in Stora Tuna, församling. 1571 he is a resident there. Obviously, he has not yet got clerical promotion despite the letter of recommendation from the King to the Bishop, which he succeeded to secure 5 Nov, previous year. In the early 1573, he is found in Gagnef, as he has written the tithes register for this year.
    Feb 16, 1577, in Stockholms län, he signs the connection to the liturgy, and 1593 also the decision of the Uppsala meeting. Feb 20, 1594, at the same place, he took the oath of allegiance with King Sigismund. As a member of the cathedral chapter he was 1595 present at the parliamentary session in Söderköping and signs Oct 17 the joint response of the council and the ranks to the bill of King Karl.
    The following year he is present in Rättvik,, when the ranks in the deanery connect themselves to the decision of the parliament. In Leksand församling, Nov 12, he also signs the decision by Dalarnas län and the mining district to support the duke. He withdraws the oath of allegiance with king Sigismund in a writ juni 17, 1605.
    The parish (Gagnef) was expanded Feb 20, 1600 by including Bäsna from Stora Tuna, församling (W). An application had been set up by the Bäsna residents, referring to the long way to the Stora Tuna, församling church. On the other hand the parish was reduced as Bjursås, which had been a part of the Åls församling, , Dalarnas län parish district, now was independent. During 1577, the Djurbygge "treding" (a part of a jurisdictional district) had been permitted to defend the salmon fishing at Storstup against "some peasants in the Western Dalarnas län", who had tried to hamper them and appropriate some of the salmon fishing, which the same "treding" had had by tradition". Nov 18 the King prohibited a continuation of that.
   Dec 9, 1591 Olof bids for a chalet in the Åls församling, , Dalarnas län community woods, purchased for 3 fat*, 200 dlr* and 2 mk* "osmundjärn" (a kind of iron). 1593 he and Simon Tomasson, evidently a relative, bid for a sister part of the farm in Borlänge, 2 spannasäde* in size and purchased for 18˝ dlr*, 43 ld* silver. The same year he procured himself a part of a farm in "South Liur" in Gagnef. At the district-court sessions Dec 19 he bids for a third (Swedish: "tredjepart")
. Appurtenant meadow Stentäpp, Ljureshaga and Stusbodarna were included 1600. During 1602 and 1603 the possession is extended by the halves, at which Åseäng and a half of Ljureshaga are added. During the years 1603, 1605 and 1606 he bids for a meadow at Bodarna, bought for 16 dlr*.
    During 1606 he has left the assessment unit of land as being more the 60 years old. Nästa year he pays the coronation tribute. During the same year he has died. This has probably happened in the summer or the autumn, as a successor was on duty the 3:rd Sunday in Advent.
    Olaus was married 1) to "unknown", 2) to marsgareta Nilsdotter, who 1598 was found not guilty from the accusation of having "performed conjuring tricks to get Olaus" and who 1606 is more the 60 years old. 1632 she still lives on the farm in Djurås, which she is allowed to, without paying taxes."

    Further, from Gunnar Ekström: "Västerås Stifts Herdaminnen, återstående församlingar (the Västerås diocese pastor's memorial, remaining parishes)", page 507, we find:

   "Olaus Laurentii, Olof Larsson 1570-1572/1573. Master Olof was probably born at the southernmost farm in Borlänge (KLHA 1593.17.5, 1598.29.4). He is 1570-1572 there the owner of 4 tndl (about 4 acres) of the Gylle estate (DH 1570:20). His property is 1571, 45 ld* silver, 1 lpd* tin, 6 lpd* copper and 2 cows, together worth 209 mk* 2 öre (-L:14).
    The King sends 5 Nov 1570 a recommendation for master Olaus Laurentii to the bishop Ofeeg (UD:6). 1573 he is found as a vicar in Gagnef"

   On the extensive Family Tree you can find Olaus Laurentii and 13144 of his descendant. However, this chart contains limited information for each person included, why those belonging to Olaus' close family will be presented with some more words.

   (* Old units of measurement)

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