Olaus Laurentii
and his family

Olaus had, so far known, 6 children with his "unknown wife":

Kerstin, dead 20/5 1649 in Åls församling, Dalarnas län; married to Laurentius Erici Angermannus (Lars Eriksson) Anna, dead 1639; married to
1) Anders Matsson,
2) Israel Petri Dalekarlus
Susanne, dead 28/11 1633 in Falun; married 1) Georgius Nicolai Tunamontanus, 2) Georgius Georgii Silnaeus
Karin, dead 8/9 1631 in Dingtuna; married to Martinus Andreae Cuprimontanus Hans, dead 1644 in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län; (spouse unknown) Anders, dead 5/12 1636 in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län; (spouse unknown)

Kerstin is the only one of those children who is of interest for the descendant branches in Gagnef. After presenting the known facts about the other children, we will concentrate on Kerstin and her descendants:
    Anna: The only thing, about her husband Anders, to whom she married 1605, is that he was born in Backa. Anna married, for a second time, 1613 Israel Petri Dalekarlus (Israel Pedersson), born in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län as son of the vicar in this parish, Petrus O. Salamontanus, who died as vicar in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län on Nov 17, 1628. Anna had seven children with Israel, who brought with him four more children from a previous marriage.
    Susanne: Her first husband was Georgius Nicolai Tunamontanus (Jöran Nilsson), vicar in Stora Tuna, församling and dead there 1630. One child is known from this marriage. She than married Georgius Georgii Silnaeus (Jöran Jöransson) Oct 29, 1631, who was born in Sellnäs, Stora Tuna, församling. He was a vicar in Falun and died there on Nov 28, 1633.
    Karin: Her husband marstinus Andrae Cuprimontanus (Mårten Andersson) was born in Sundborns församling , chaplain in Gagnef, vicar in Götlunda and vicar in Dingtuna and he died in Dingtuna 16/9, 1634. Twelve children, who called themselves Gagnius, are known from this marriage.
    Hans: The only, but uncertain, information we have about him is that he lived at Brenäs i Åls församling, , Dalarnas län and he died 1644.
    Anders: We only know that he died in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län on Dec 5, 1636.

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