Olaus Laurentii
and his daughter Kerstin's family

    It has earlier been supposed that Olaus Laurentii daughter Anna was the one who was married to Laurentius Erici. However, later research has shown that it instead was his daughter Kerstin.

   The following is found in Eric Sundlöf, "Olaus Laurentii Släktbok I":

   "Anna Olausdotter was married to Laurentius Erici, chaplain in Gagnef 1600. Late 1613 Åls församling, Dalarnas län, became a separate parish. Naturally the question turned up as to who would be the vicar in it. The chaplain in Gagnef, Olaus Laurentii son-in-law, Anna's (i.e. Kerstin's, as pointed out above) husband Laurentius Erici Angermannus was elected.
   Laurentius Erici came to the diocese from Norrland (the northern part of Sweden, north of the provinces of Dalarnas län and Uppland) and sometimes he called himself Helsingius and sometimes Angermannus. He was ordained 1598, at which time he was a teacher in Västerås. He was a capable and driving priest who did his best to consolidate the parish and contributed mainly to its benefits. He bought ground for a residence by his private means. 1637 he acquired parts of a homestead in Djurås, at that time owned by Mats Ersson in Sifferbo. Those homestead parts, the vicar Lars (Laurentius Erici) had owned as a security since 1625.
   Laurentius Erici was born in the province of Ångermanland, unknown when and where in the province, and died 10/5 1648 in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län.
   Also Kerstin had 6 children, one of which being Erik, ancestor of the Gagnef branch, the biggest one, in the Family Tree.
   It should also be mentioned that Kerstin's daughters Brita, Anna and, not to forget, Margareta, who were the ancestors for important branches. For exampel, Margareta was the ancestor for the next biggest branch, as far as we know to-day, with connestion to the Ål parish.

   Erik Larsson, 1605-1689; married to: Anna Matsdotter    Olof Larsson, 1607/1608-18/12 1681; married to: (unknown)
   Brita Larsdotter, 1618/1619-1692; married to: Daniel Johannis Buschovius
   Anna Larsdotter, -1668; married to: 1) Petrus Matthiae Arosiensis 2) Laurentius Johannis Lillhärensis    Margaretha Larsdotter, -1691; married to: Johannes Petri Kumblensis    Lars Larsson, -1648; married to: (unknown)

   Here Erik is the only one we have some real knowledge about (see below).

   We know the following about Kerstin's children and their makar.

    Erik: About his wife Anna Matsdotter we know that she lived during the years 1610/1611-1679.
    Olof: It is known that he was a "länsman" (approximately county constable) in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län and died at the estate Brenäs there. His wife is not known.
    Brita: Brita's husband, Daniel Johannis Buschovius, 25/8 1599-11/7 1677, (Daniel Hansson), was born in Stora Tuna, församling. Both died in the town of Kumla församling. Six children, who called themselves Elvius, are known
    Anna: She first (this was Anna's second marriage; her first husband was Anders Matsson, about whom we do not no anything) married, probably 1644, to Petrus Matthiae Arosienis (Peder Mattsson) in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län. He lived 1619/1629 - 1660. He was, among other things, high chaplain in Västerås. Three children are mentioned in the "herdaminne" (the pastor's memorial). Her second (i.e. Kerstin's, as pointed out above) husband, Laurensis Johannis Lillhaerensis (Lars Jönsson) was born in Lillhärads församling in the county of Västmanland 1619/1620 and died as an assistant vicar in Gagnef Oct 5, 1682. Anna (i.e. Kerstin) married Laurentius 1662. In his second marriage with Regina Göransdotter Dybeck, Laurentius had four children, who called themselves Elfgren.
    Margaretha: Margaretha, and her Johannes Petri Kumblensis (Johan Persson), were married 1630 - 1640, probably 1639, in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län. Johannes was born 1607 in Kumla församling as a son of Per Strångesson. Originally he called himself Hans and died as a vicar in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län maj (or Jan)15, 1688. Seven children are known. They called themselves Ahlenius or Alenius.
    Lars: We don't know anything about him.

   About Kerstin's son Erik Larsson we find in Eric Sundlöf, "Olaus Laurentii Släktbok I":

    "In chronicles by Oscar Hanspers, MA, facts are found about Eric. In different court records it is written (Old Swedish language translated to modern English):

    Eric Larsson in Liurås (Djurås) has exchanged ground with his respected father Lars (Laurentius) Erici, vicar in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län as follows. Master Lars gives his son an old chalet Studsboda b:d, which for some time has been deserted and unlocked and belongs to Eric's homestead, in which he lives. On the other hand, Eric puts at his father's disposal a large burned woodland in the Åls församling, , Dalarnas län parish, located close to his chalets in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län, on which he (»Eric Larsson») has cultivate rye. The exchange was confirmed on Sep 21, 1641. It is plausible that Eric Larsson, later state constable, has acquired the homestead and the farm in Djurås in one of the years 1637-41. County constable was at that time Olof Knutsson in Mjälgen, who was later succeeded by Eric Larsson.

   Eric Larsson in Djurås complain about some Gröntuf fellows, who had driven away his cattle in Stussbodarna and cut down trees over his private cattle roads. Those men had lay the foundation of the chalets in Sols- (or Ny-) bodarna.

   In a bill of protest concerning damage on his and his neighbor's, Johan Mickelson, field, is signed by him personally. Thus, he had knowledge in writing, which was very unusual at that time.
    Eric Larsson seems to have succeeded Olof Knutsson as constable 1659, at which year we can find the phrase »the old constable Olof Knutsson», who had to answer for a number of fraudulent timber businesses 1656, 1657 and 1658.

   Constable Eric Larsson in Djurås exchanged ground with his brother-in-law, vicar Daniel Johannis in Kumla församling, by which the latter gives Eric his part in Djurås and Eric gives his brother-in-law Daniel his part in the homstead in Borlänge. During the same year constable Eric Larsson also exchanged ground with his brother Olof at Brenäs in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län, by which the later obtains Eric's part in the priest chalet in Åls församling, , Dalarnas län and Eric is given his brother Olof's part of the homestead in Djurås.

   Constable Eric Larsson in Djurås accuses several persons of having caused tumult in the parish house, when he, as ordered, claimed doubble payment for land assessment from those. Eric Larsson seems to have retired from his occupation as constable in the year 1680. However, he is still living in 1686 as found in an extract distribution of an estate although he is not said to be a constable, which otherwise is usual. From 1687 Eric Larsson's name is lacking in the registers."

   Otherwise we refer to the Olaus Laurentii Family Tree

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