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Olaus Laurentii was a vicar during the latter half of the
16:th century in Gagnef
The province arms of Dalarnas län

   The Swedish parish registrations first appear during the late 17:th century as a consequence of the canon law of 1686. This has given genealogy researchers, interested in Swedish relations, a very good opportunity to find there roots back to this time in the church records which are available for everybody without restrictions.
    For the time before the church records, however, it is more difficult to find people who didn't have an official position in the society. Olaus Laurentii was an official person, being a vicar in the Gagnef parish during the late 16:th century, and as his daughters married clergymen, descendants of Olaus can be traced in many branches to the present time.
    A main intention with these web pages is to present a first version of a pedigree chart for Olaus Laurentii through his daughter Kerstin who was married to Laurentius Erici, chaplain in Gagnef and later vicar in Åls församling, Dalarnas län, the neighbor parish of Gagnef. From this couple we are linked to the existing church records.
    We are relatively ignorant about Kerstin's five (known) siblings and hope, by publishing this family history report, that we may get in contact with researches or other interested persons who have such knowledge.
    The family tree now contains more than 32000 persons and will by and by be upgraded.

Olaus Laurentii seal
To the left is a photograph of the seal and the signature of Olaus Laurentii shown. It is found in the tenth register of the Gagnef parish, which is deposited in the Swedish National Archive in Stockholms. The picture to the right is a reconstruction of the same seal.

Here below is the Gagnef parish seal from 1664 shown.

The Gagnef parish seal
Olaus Laurentii seal


These web pages are dedicated to Olaus Laurentii and the Family Sociaty, named after him. Clickking appropriate links i the table left, you can read about Olaus and his family, about the Family Society and how and when it was established and some more of interest.
   If you believe that you are related to Olaus Laurentii, you are welcome to be a member of the society wherever you live. If you want to check if you are a descendant of Olaus Laurentii you can go to the Family Tree (see link to the left), on which you may find an older relative (but note that Family Tree is. of course, not complete and you may be a relative even if you don't find a clue in it).
   As Olaus was a vicar in Gagnef it may be justified to shortly present the parish (link in the table)

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